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19A Main St.

Hudson, MA

978 618 0289

Lessons and Service

Guitars & Grooves provides a wide range of guitar tech services.  Everything from re-strings to tuner replacement to pickup and electronics jobs is done inhouse by our guitar tech.  

We also have a very versatile and skilled guitar teacher to help all players, regardless of ability, play their best and have fun making music.

See below for details..

Matt Jacobs, our guitar teacher, with one of his students


Our guitar instructor, Matt Jacobs, is a Berklee Graduate, with a BA in Jazz Composition.  He has been teaching for over 10 years, and can help players of all abilities learn the guitar, and focus on your preferred style of music.  

1/2hour lesson:    $40        1 hour lesson:    $60

4 week package deal, 1/2 hour lessons:  $160

12 week package deal,  1/2 hour lessons:  $420  ( save $60)

12 week package deal,   1 hour lessons:   $660   (save $60)

 Packages and lessons must be paid in full.  Lessons are booked and paid for in 1 month blocks to guarantee your consistent lesson time.  Four 1/2 hour lessons in a row is $160.  

All lessons to be booked and paid for in the shop, cash accepted or any credit card can be used. 

Lessons may be done in person or virtually if needed.

Guitar Tech Services

Dan Connell is our guitar tech.  He has been helping folks get the most from their instruments for over 10 years.  He can also work on violins, cellos, mandolins, etc, and can install and tune new drum heads as well.  Below is a list of guitar services we offer at Guitars & Grooves.

  • New strings: $35, includes strings
  • Neck adjustment: $25  
  • New tuners: $80 set of 6, plus parts
  • New nut: $35 plus part
  • Output jack replacement / repair: $35 + parts
  • Strap buttons / locks:  $15 each, plus parts
  • Acoustic set up:  $65  Electric set up: $75 incl strings.  Bass set up $95 incl strings
  • Includes: removal of strings, clean guitar,  condition fingerboard, install and stretch new strings, ( cost not included), check hardware, electronics,  adjust neck, bridge, saddle, intonate.
  • Floyd Rose Bridges: $85, includes strings
  • Pickup and electronic work quoted by job
All repairs to be done in house.  Cash and all 

credit cards accepted for all repair work. 

This 90's Washborn Nuno needed all new wiring, as well as a full set up.

And we custom made back plates.