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19A Main St.

Hudson, MA

978 618 0289


Test of Time

Find a huge selection of vinyl records at Guitars & Grooves.  We have records from most every genre for you to choose from.  We have boxes of $1 records,  a bin of $3 records, and thousands individually priced.   We are always looking to purchase vinyl of all genres.  Please call or email us if you have a collection of 3 or 300 you would like to sell.

Vinyl Records 

At Guitars & Grooves, we strive to make music fun and accessible for everyone. Record collectors can enjoy listening to vinyl LPs before making a purchase. Choose from a huge selection of titles and genres. If you have a collection you'd like to add to, or are just starting out and learning about vinyl,  feel free to drop by our shop in Hudson, Massachusetts.  Below are some examples of records you may find in the shop.  ( Not necessarily in stock).

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