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19A Main St.

Hudson, MA

978 618 0289

Why Buy From Us?

Take advantage of the following benefits when you buy from Guitars & Grooves in Hudson, Massachusetts:

  • Each guitar comes with our :" Go to 11" step process that includes...
  • Check tuner nuts, check all electronics and output jack,  clean & oil fretboard, polish frets, adjust truss rod, adjust string height, intonation,  adjust pickup height, lube nut, polish guitar body, install and stretch new stings.
  • Plug in and play any guitar you are interested in.
  • Private "VAULT" allows you play where no one can hear you.
  • You get a 90-day full-value trade up policy. (same condition)
  • Competitive prices, great personal service.
  • When you buy a guitar from us,  we include a new set of strings,  and setup adjustments done by our in house guitar tech at NO CHARGE within 1 year.  

  • Some guitars come with a gig bag or case, and we do have them available for sale if not.
  •  Players of all abilities are encourage to play our guitars.  Even play Stairway, or Smoke on the Water, whatever you please.  

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